The Wild Horse Of Greatness

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Greatness is like a high-spirited Wild Horse. Indeed, Greatness is a very beautiful gifting and presence inside of us.

For some of us, this Horse runs full throttle with no boundaries through the fields of our life and heart.   The sky is the limit and we are ready to possess anything and everything that greatness has in store.

But left untamed, this Wild Horse of Greatness will guide and control us rather than us guiding and controlling it.   With the help of the Holy Spirit, we must capture this Wild Horse, contain it, and tame it.

Yes, we must guide the Horse with Godly reins of obedience, lest disobedience be its guide. In fact, I am reminded of a few modern day examples who, by their disobedience to the Lord, allowed their Greatness to be used for evil rather than good:

Famous Musicians and Singers – Called to use their Greatness as a Psalmist or Worship Leader, but instead use their music to negatively impact our youth.

Psychics – Use their great Prophetic gift to deceive millions on behalf of the kingdom of darkness, rather than impact millions for the Glory of God.

Church Leaders – Who instead of taming the Wild Horse of Greatness inside of them, refuse to submit to the taming process of the Lord. As a result, they build ministries by the arm of their flesh rather than the arm of the Holy Spirit.

So again, we must capture this Wild Horse of Greatness, contain it, and tame it, and there is only one way to accomplish this. When the Wild Horse of Greatness is demanding to run with plans, run with dreams, and run with ambition and zeal, we humbly bow before the Lord and submit this Horse to Him.

As a result, the Lord will require us to be patient, and as we obey, He applies our patience to the Horse.   The Lord will require us to grow in wisdom and understanding, and as we obey, He applies these characteristics to the Horse. The Lord will require spiritual and emotional maturity and in time, He will apply this maturity to the Horse.

Therefore, it is through obedience, patience, wisdom, understanding, and maturity that this Wild Horse of Greatness is tamed, and once tamed, we own the Greatness inside of us.

Indeed, we shall mount this Tamed Horse of Greatness, and through the reins of obedience, we shall guide this Greatness to the places that God has ordained, and then and only then is the sky the limit.


1 Corinthians 12,  James 3:17,  Proverbs 3:5-7,  Romans 5:1-4 (KJV),  2 Peter 3:18

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