The Glove Of Inadequacy

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In recent months I have been watching the promises of God being fulfilled in my life, and it’s both exciting and surreal.

But this new feeling has risen from the depths of my heart – it’s called “inadequacy”.   This feeling does not stem from insecurity.   I know because like millions of others, I struggle with that too.  No, this is different.   This feels holy, yes, like a holy helplessness.

And this inadequacy comes with all the “what if” questions – what if I can’t do this, what if I can’t do that.   It comes with comparisons – comparing my gifts to all the gifts of the great men and women of God – from the Biblical times to the current.

I see this presence of inadequacy is like a glove inside my heart, and even though the glove is empty, it’s a heavy feeling.   I realize the only way to lighten this load is to cooperate with the Lord, and yield to Him as He slips His hand inside this glove of inadequacy.

I surrender to the knowing that I can’t do this in my own strength and ability.   Yes, this glove was made solely for His hand.

But I am comforted to realize that I am in good company.   This must have been how Moses felt when God called him to confront Pharaoh and lead Israel to freedom.   Or, how Gideon must have felt when God called him to lead an army of 300 men to defeat an army of thousands. Then there is Esther. If she didn’t find favor with the King, she would have been killed and Israel would have been pummeled by the King’s army.

A common theme through my whole life, and now in this ministry, is – in His weakness I am strong. This glove of inadequacy is the epitome of weakness, and I am deeply grateful for its presence inside my heart.   Without it, I would surely become prideful and think I can do this in my own strength.

It’s not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord. (Zechariah 4:6)


Matthew 11:28-30, 2 Corinthians 12:9

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Cassie Putnam is the Founder of Blue Fire Ministries. She is dedicated to igniting the hearts of God's people with intense passion, fervent devotion, and a hunger for heart to heart intimacy with the Lord.
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