The Beautiful Wait

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Dear Sons and Daughters,

It’s like I am standing on the south shore of a very large lake, and even though I am very blessed in this place, God has promised to give me a mansion on the north shore. I can see that mansion, but I can’t reach it nor touch it. By the way, I am not speaking of financial wealth; although financial wealth is part of my promise, it is the least of it. Rather, that mansion represents the fulfillment of my calling and all the greatness God has placed inside of me.

Day in and day out, I look across the lake and I can see the mansion, and I wait and wait and wait for the manifestation and fullness of the promises of God.    Then once I am done waiting, I wait some more as frustration and impatience fills every fiber of my being.

I think about Abraham and Sarah and how God promised them a child in their old age. Year after year, they waited and waited for the fulfilled promise until one day they had enough. Sarah arranged for Abraham to lay with one of her servants so they could quickly have a child, and they did.   They named him Ismael.

Then not too long after Ismael was born, Sarah herself became pregnant with the promised child, Isaac.   As many of you know, Isaac grew to greatness while Ismael became a bitter enemy to Isaac and all of Israel.   In fact, to this very day, the offspring of Ishmael is still creating war and chaos across the entire world.

I understand how Abraham and Sarah became so impatient for a child.   The waiting process is very painful. Every day I search for relief from that pain by trying to figure out what I need to do to make the promises happen.

I try to find ways to bring the promises to pass in my own strength, but that’s a ridiculous notion. I don’t have the means or know how to make it happen on my own. I don’t even own a boat to cross over the lake!

So, I get tired of waiting for the promises to manifest, and at times I feel worthless while I wait. I look at where I am right now, and I look across that lake at the big beautiful mansion and I get frustrated beyond description.

But the truth is that the waiting process is one of the most beautiful phases of our calling. The patience required to wait is like physical exercise to our body – it makes us strong spiritually and emotionally.   Furthermore, the waiting purifies our heart as it cleanses us from insecurities and selfish motives.

Thank God I have no way of birthing an Ismael in my circumstances, but I certainly did birth one in my heart through all my dreams, all my plans, all the strategies I devised in my thoughts.

I believe that all of God’s great ones has the presence of an Ismael in our heart.   We must identify his existence and bring him to the altar of God and leave him there. Yes, we must give our “Ishmaels” to the Lord, and then we wait for the fulfilled promises with patience and maturity – no matter how long it takes.


Genesis 16, Romans 5:1-4 (KJV), Isaiah 40:31



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