The Anthem Song of Grace

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My heart has been grieved over the condition of our country.   Every time I turn on the news I see how the political parties are full of corruption and deception.   I turn to the church and I see how it is full of the ways of the world in greed and hypocrisy.   Then I watch as the people of this country hurt each other and themselves through abuse and unprecedented levels of perversion.

Then my grief turns to deep concern for this country as a whole because I know there is a price to pay for all this sin. In fact, the bible says the wages of sin is death, and we have been watching it happen all over this country and even the world.   The earth itself is crying out from the pain and agony of sin, as we see and experience earthquakes, tornados, fires, and hurricanes.

I am not standing in judgement of any person or people groups.   The truth is, God is not judging them either. He doesn’t have to.   He warned all of mankind – if you touch the hot stove of sin, you will get burned.

Then I watch as Christians across the continent declare and proclaim that this country will be destroyed by God and His judgment. I watch as some Politicians and Economists join in this chorus.

So just when I begin to slip into a state of despair and hopelessness, the Lord reminds me of my reoccurring vision of The Undercurrent of His River, and then He reminds me of an incredible and powerful truth of Who He Is.

The Lord says this to me: “Look at the sin all around you and how it is abounding and then remember My promise – where sin abounds, Grace does much more abound.”   (Romans 5:20)

While many are shaking their fist in judgement of our country, we as Christians need to be proclaiming, “NO! Where sin abounds, Grace does much more abound!”  

In these days of darkness, this should be our Anthem song. This should be our flag!

And speaking of flags: Where we see the rainbow flag waving all over this country and the world, we as Christians need to proclaim over each flag – “That flag has no power or representation except the covenant promises of our God!”

Now instead of looking at these flags as representing a lifestyle, look closer – God has not allowed His covenant to be high jacked. He always, I repeat – always, has a divine strategy, and love is always, I say always, at the root of it.

Do you know what this means? That one day this rainbow people group will taste of God’s covenant promises and His love, and the passion they feel toward their movement will be turned toward God. Satan has tried to high jack what the rainbow represents, but once again, he has overstepped his bounds. As always, this evil stunt will backfire on him.

In conclusion – let this be our Anthem Song, our declaration, our proclamation – that where sin is abounding in this country, Grace shall much more abound!   But what exactly is Grace?   Do a Word study in your bible. Memorize its virtues, its essence, and its power.

Please do this, and when you do, you will realize that Grace is not a what, but a Who.


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Cassie Putnam is the Founder of Blue Fire Ministries. She is dedicated to igniting the hearts of God's people with intense passion, fervent devotion, and a hunger for heart to heart intimacy with the Lord.

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