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Do you recall the first time you fell in love, or the first time you laid eyes on your beautiful baby?  Do you remember the pain in your physical heart as it pounded with the emotion of love? I remember this feeling, as well as being sick to my stomach too!

It’s called being lovesick, and if you and I have the capacity to love like this, how much more do you think the Lord is lovesick for us?

Indeed, we are created in His image, which means our ability to be lovesick for others – was formed from the very Love the Lord has for His people.

With that said, we all know the pain that comes when our lovesick heart is not reciprocated.  We may give up on that love, but the Lord, well, He waits for reciprocation every moment of the day.

He waits.  He waits.  Oh, how He longs for a shared love with His people.  Indeed, to a degree and a depth we have yet to experience, but is coming very soon.

Song of Solomon, Psalm 86:15

Love In Christ,

Cassie Putnam

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Cassie Putnam is the Founder of Blue Fire Ministries. She is dedicated to igniting the hearts of God's people with intense passion, fervent devotion, and a hunger for heart to heart intimacy with the Lord.
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