Changing Our Nature

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A woman was caught in adultery and about to be stoned by some Teachers of the law, but Jesus intervened in the most peculiar way (John 8).   He bent down to the ground and began writing in the soil with His finger.   In this extraordinary moment, Jesus reveals the essence of Who He is.

Consider how soil in the bible represents our heart.   Now, consider this – Jesus is Love. Therefore, by writing in the soil with His finger, He was writing His law of love on the tablet of this woman’s heart – changing her very nature.

You see, it is not the (stone throwing) law of sin and death that changes us. Instead, it is the power of His love written on our hearts that sets us free – by changing our very nature. (Hebrews 8)

I remember when I first got saved. Some people close to me became enraged when I would no longer participate in my old lifestyle. They accused me of thinking I was better than them.   But I did not abstain from old ways for any reason other than – I simply did not want to do these things anymore. My very nature had been changed.

I will say it this way – the essence of Who Jesus is changes the essence of who we are when He writes His Love on our heart.

Forever in His Love,

Cassie Putnam

Blue Fire Ministries

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