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There is a generation that is rising in the church – a people of no reputation and no name – and their intimate love for the Lord is unwavering as their heart and His heart unite in perfect combination – Blue Fire

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A New Generation Is Rising

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I have much to say about his new generation. Every day God speaks to me about them, and they have become the beat of my heart and the purpose for my existence. Below are the pieces of understanding that God has given me so far. Please pray for their rising, and pray that all of […]

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The Undercurrent

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There is an unseen presence in the River of God – it is an undercurrent – and the waters of this undercurrent comes from a pure spring. It is the fountain of the Lord and He is creating an undercurrent in His River. He is bringing forth a new generation in His Church. CLICK HERE.

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A Crumbling Foundation

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I had a vision of a concrete foundation, very thick and very strong. It is the church. In most cases, a strong foundation represents strength, which is a good thing, but not in this vision. The strong concrete is made by men. It represents laws and rules and cold religion. It represents hypocrisy, greed, and […]

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