The Undercurrent

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I have a re-occurring vision that I am standing on a cliff, overlooking a flowing river.   The river is the church, the people of God, and it is beautiful to behold.   Yet this river has been polluted by greed, false religion, sin, and hypocrisy.  Even still, the river is quite beautiful and as I write these words, I can feel the deep love of the Lord for these beautiful waters.

But there is an unseen presence in the river – it is an undercurrent – and the waters of this undercurrent comes from a pure spring. It is the fountain of the Lord and He is creating an undercurrent in His River. He is bringing forth a new generation in His Church.

This is a Davidic generation with pure hearts of worship and a deep and intense love for the Lord. There is no false religion, greed, or hypocrisy in these pure waters. There will be no compromise in their faith, and when they sin and fall short, the repentance will be swift. This undercurrent is full of givers and not takers, giving everything they are and everything they have, and some will even give their lives.

I watch this undercurrent as it rises and swells, first in the hearts of this new generation, and then as a corporate church.   And as the undercurrent begins to overflow the banks, it pushes the old top waters to the side.

Some, yes even many who were part of the top waters of the river, will become offended and disgruntled by the new generation.

Without a doubt, the new generation will be hated by some in the church, and the persecution by the church will be fierce at times. Yet this will not stop the new generation. They will count it all glory.

This undercurrent of a new generation will continue to swell and rise until they fill the entire river, from the hidden springs below to the top waters above, and everything in between.   The river will overflow the banks in the high places of strongholds to the low valleys of hopelessness, and they will flood this earth with the glory of God.

Christian Leaders will be faced with the unfamiliar waters of the undercurrent, for these leaders have never seen this measure of the glory of God. They will come to realize that all of their education, knowledge, and experience will have no place in this new river.

Many from the old top waters will stand on the banks of this flooding river, wanting no part of it, yet the River will love and honor them with the deepest of love and consideration.

In conclusion, I have been a part of these top waters for many years, and I pray it does not hinder my ability to embrace this beautiful undercurrent.   God, grant us the humility of heart that we need to embrace these waters of life.

Then the angel showed me a river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.   Revelation 22:1



A New Generation

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Cassie Putnam is the Founder of Blue Fire Ministries. She is dedicated to igniting the hearts of God's people with intense passion, fervent devotion, and a hunger for heart to heart intimacy with the Lord.

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