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Every person has a flame inside their heart. It’s called love. We can feel it burn when we fall in love, or when that newborn is first placed in our arms.  And for many, we feel the burn of that flame for the Lord, and for some that flame burns blue.

The Science of Blue Fire

To understand the symbolic meaning of Blue Fire, we must first look at natural blue fire and the science behind it.

Picture the blue fire in a gas range, oven, or furnace. It takes the perfect combination of elements to create a blue flame – elements such as gas, oxygen, and more.

In addition, blue fire is one of the hottest burning fires in existence. If any impurities enter this fire, such as dust, it is quickly disintegrated. This is why we may see a spark of yellow or orange fire before the flames quickly return to blue.

The Blue Fire Heart

Likewise, the Blue Fire I am writing about takes the perfect combination of two hearts sacrificially loving each other – the heart of man and the heart of God.

This is an extraordinary love shared by both. It is deep, intense, and intimate, and driven by a furious yearning for more.

Their love is made more intense by a constant pursuit of each other.  This is a Song of Solomon type love that is deeply personal. Yet, it can’t remain personal, for unlike a natural furnace that keeps blue fire within boundaries, this Blue Fire love cannot be contained.  It must be poured out on mankind, lest the heart suffer from internal combustion.

Furthermore, the Lord’s heart for us is always burning blue, but the impurities in our heart sets off a yellow firestorm that will always end in Blue Fire as we yield ourselves entirely to His Love.  Indeed, it’s more than yielding.  Our love for Him is so great, it’s an entire surrender, no matter the cost.

Our heart is no longer our own. It is completely and wholly given to the Lord, as His heart is completely and wholly given to us. The two hearts beat as one.

New Generation

There is a generation that is rising in the church – a people of no reputation and no name – and their intimate love for the Lord is unwavering as their heart and His heart unite in perfect combination – Blue Fire.

Furthermore, this generation will be free from legalism, the traditions of men, and false religions, doctrines, and ideologies. They love the law of God, not because they have to, but because this Blue Fire has engraved the Law of Love on their heart. Thus, the law becomes part of their nature rather than a burden of rules placed there by modern day Pharisees.


Blue Fire is not a belief  – it’s a state of being.  It’s not a “what”, it’s a “Who”.   Blue Fire is a perfect combination of love from the heart of man and the heart of God – two hearts combined into One.

So may this Blue Fire ignite and may Love consume mankind – For our God is an all-consuming Fire (Hebrews 12:29)


Song of Solomon 6:3, Song of Solomon 3:4, Jeremiah 31:33, Romans 13:10, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 4:8

A New Generation

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Cassie Putnam is the Founder of Blue Fire Ministries. She is dedicated to igniting the hearts of God's people with intense passion, fervent devotion, and a hunger for heart to heart intimacy with the Lord.
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