A New Generation Is Rising

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I have much to say about his new generation. Every day God speaks to me about them, and they have become the beat of my heart and the purpose for my existence.

Below are the pieces of understanding that God has given me so far. Please pray for their rising, and pray that all of our hearts are pure enough, and humble enough, to join them.

The Undercurrent

I have a re-occurring vision that I am standing on a cliff, overlooking a flowing river. The river is the church, the people of God, and it is beautiful to behold. Yet this river has been polluted by greed, false religion, sin, and hypocrisy. Even still, the river is quite beautiful and as I write these words, I can feel the deep love of the Lord for these beautiful waters.

But there is an unseen presence in the river – it is an undercurrent – and the waters of this undercurrent comes from a pure spring. It is the fountain of the Lord and He is creating an undercurrent in His River – It is the new generation in His Church.

And this river shall flood the earth with the glory of God, and the flooding will be so massive that not one man can take credit for the move of God. It’s one body of water – one River – one God – one Church.

For more information see – The Undercurrent.

Miracles and Burning Hearts

This generation will perform greater feats than ever recorded in the history of the church. They will perform tremendous miracles, and when they preach or teach the Word, men’s hearts will burn within them. They will say amongst themselves, “Surely the Lord is in our presence, for see how our hearts burn within us”.

In fact, the new generation will possess the blue fire hearts – the perfect combination of the whole heart of God combined with the whole heart of man. The two hearts shall be one and will combust with Blue Fire Love, and the fire shall ignite every heart it comes in contact with.

Indeed, they will cause men’s heart to catch fire with intense passion, fervent devotion, and a hunger for heart to heart intimacy with the Lord.

For more information see – Blue Fire.

No Labels or Reputations

Many in this generation will be of no reputation. I call them “no names”. They are not concerned about reputations or titles. Indeed, they are content whether the Lord exalts them to fame or whether they remain of no reputation. Their only focus is to be the full expression of His heart – on earth as it is in heaven.

Furthermore, the church will not be able to label this new generation. The love they exhibit will be so powerful it will blur the lines of denominations, titles, and names. One time the Lord spoke to me and said, “Men need titles so I gave them the name of Christian, but this new generation will surpass any title or label”.

I saw how men will scratch their heads as they are puzzled by the power they see. Some will say this new generation is like a flooding river, some will say they are like an earthquake, and others will say they are like the strong winds of a hurricane.

Davidic Hearts

This generation will possess the heart of David. They will lay down their life for the sheep. They will fight any demonic beast that would come to destroy. They not only fight them, but they defeat them.

Furthermore, they don’t care if their mighty acts of war are seen by men. They are not out to impress, but rather they only care about protecting God’s sheep, for they love the sheep like the Lord loves the sheep.

They worship the Lord with their whole heart, and their greatest worship is that which they do in private. Their worship of the Lord is so pure, their life becomes their worship. Their entire life is a sweet smelling aroma to the Lord. They are the apple of His eye.

It is the purity by which they minister that they will destroy the spirit of Saul over the church. That spirit – where men started off the real thing, but are no more. The spirit of Saul – where leaders could not wait for the Lord, so they built their own kingdom in their own strength. As a result, they operate in severe abuse of authority over God’s people.

This Davidic generation will destroy the spirit of Saul, and they will take their rightful place in the Church and the Lord’s Kingdom. And it is this generation that will usher in the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

All of this is the key of David spoken of in the book of Revelation


They will be hated by the spirit of religion and by all those bound to him – both Christian and non-Christian alike. In fact, the religious of the day will severely persecute the new generation. Some will even lose their lives, and they will count it all joy for the sake of Christ.

However, the persecution will not hold them down. Every time they are struck, they will come back stronger and in greater number.

Not Divisive

This new generation will not consider themselves to be separate from the old generation, but instead their hearts will be full of deep honor and respect for the fathers and mothers of the church.

They will not say in their heart, “Look how much greater our anointing is than these people over here or over there”. No, instead they will possess a full understanding that every part of the Body of Christ is precious, and all parts need each other.

Awaken Love

In the Song of Solomon, the Lord said – do not awaken love until it’s time. I believe He is now saying – IT IS TIME.

A New Generation

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