A Crumbling Foundation

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I had a vision of a concrete foundation, very thick and very strong. It is the church.

In most cases, a strong foundation represents strength, which is a good thing, but not in this vision. The strong concrete is made by men. It represents laws and rules and cold religion. It represents hypocrisy, greed, and pride. It represents institutions and organizations whose goal is success through reputation.

And this hardened concrete is the very reason why depravity and sin has reached an all-time high in the church and in the world. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right, and the heart of men have waxed cold against the things of God; indeed, as cold and as hard as this concrete foundation.

But I also see cracks in the concrete foundation. In most cases, this would not be a good thing as cracks in a foundation lets in unwanted elements. But in this vision, the cracks are full of the bright light and liquid love of God that is swelling from within. And there are a lot of cracks. Any moment now this hard concrete foundation will crumble under the pressure of this bright light of love.

It’s never easy when a foundation crumbles, for everything built atop the foundation will collapse. Everything built by the strength of men will crumble and fall. But everything built on the light of love will stand strong.

I see three kinds of people who respond to this vision: One receives it with passivity in their heart. The second says I am part of the light of love. The third is bowed down in humility, and through many tears they pray, “God, only You know my true heart; only You know which foundation I am.”

This vision is just another facet explaining the entrance of a new and rising generation within the church. Click here to read more.


2 Chronicles 32:8, Jeremiah 17:5, 1 Peter 4:8, Romans 5:20

A New Generation

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